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An exciting story with the participation of one of our Yeshiva students who is a senior medic at MDA
a shared birthday and a gift from the United States
On a Friday morning in February, Olga (32) began to feel she was in labor.
She and her husband were getting ready to go to the hospital but having contractions already,
her husband hurriedly dialed 101 MDA's center where they sent an intensive care ambulance to their home in Kiryat Motzkin.
When the team of the intensive care unit arrived, (paramedic Hodaya Rosa and senior medics Avi Abdi and Nehorai Biner),
met Olga and her husband she was about to give birth.
The staff assisted with the birth process and after the baby was born they evacuated Olga and baby Mia to the hospital.
Surprisingly, that same day was Scott Cassady's birthday (Chicago, IL USA)
who donated the intensive care unit number 221,
used by the paramedics and medics that exciting morning,
and thanks to which the teams in the Carmel area continue to save lives even today.
This week the MDA team returned to meet Olga, her husband and baby Mia.
Scott joined via Zoom from Chicago, who was excited to give the Pronov family a stroller that would serve little Mia.
"I am very moved that I could take a small part in this exciting birth." said Scott and added:
"I wish Mia to be happy and healthy, and to you MDA team - you deserve a huge thank you.
This girl is a part of my life forever and now we have a special bond.
I am very excited that the baby is healthy and will grow up to be a beautiful young woman,
and from now on every time I celebrate my birthday - I will think of Mia."
The MDA team, the paramedic Hodaya and the medics Avi and Nehorai
returned to Olga's house for the second time:
"it is very exciting to return to Olga's house today when our hands are full of gifts for little Mia."
Photo - courtesy of MDA spokesperson

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