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בר מצווה

Bar Mitzvah Program

The Bar-Mitzvah program - for the Non-Religious Community

It all started when parents from Modi'in came to the Meir Harel Hesder Yeshiva looking for someone to help with the Bar Mitzvah preparations for their sons.

One of the Yeshiva students agreed and prepared the boy - and his family - every step of the way.

Then, another family came with the same request, and another, and another.... This year, approximately 200 boys from non-religious families will take part in the Yeshiva’s Bar Mitzvah preparation program which includes:

*Ten one-on-one tutorials in Torah reading and Bar Mitzvah traditions with Yeshiva students

*Ten group discussions on basic Jewish values and laws
*A “Volunteering Day” for the benefit of the community
*A group trip and celebration in the Old City of Jerusalem together with the families

The Bar Mitzvah Center (Shahak L'Bnei Mitzvah Program)
The New Yeshiva building will include a Bar Mitzvah Educational Center, which will include a 50-square-meter activity hall equipped with audiovisual equipment, computers with accessible Bar Mitzvah learning aids, and study corners.

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