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Dear friends,          
Towards the end of the tax year, we are asking for tax-recognized donations -
for each donation, you will receive a 35 percent income tax credit.
The donations are intended for:
• Scholarships for Yeshiva students whose parents are unable to pay.
• Subsistence scholarships for Yeshiva students who finished their army service
• Assistance with the Paramedics program for Yeshiva students - who are on call 24/7.
• Financing the Follow-up program for Bar Mitzvah program graduates - Shahak for Bnei Mitzvah.
At the end of the tax year - this is a good opportunity to participate in these mitzvot.
As friends and partners who know our work, I ask you to join and be partners with us.
Any donation is welcome. 
Thanks in advance
Yours faithfully: Rabbi Eliezer Shenvald
You can donate:
1) In a secure link (by credit card):
2) in bit. 📱 In the link:
3) By wire transfer to the Yeshiva account:
 Mizrahi Bank (20), Modiin Branch 521 Account No. 137260 I/N/O Meir & Harel Modi'in 
For donations from abroad 
4) In a phone call ☎️ to Leah: 0528119460
Donations are recognized for tax deduction in Israel (Form 46) and abroad

You can also donate from tithes

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