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'Melave Malka' on Givat HaBrushim

The Yeshiva has a special tradition of 'Melave Malka' on Saturday night

with Rabbi Shenvald. In addition to songs accompanied by musical instruments, pizzas and drinks,

every Saturday there is also a spiritual or topical issue to deal with and a lively discussion.

Every few weeks, it takes place outside the Yeshiva at one of the heritage sites in the vicinity of the city of Modi'in.

Last Saturday night we went out to the 'Givat HaBrushim' in the eastern slopes of the city.

in the lookout named after the late Amnon Lipkin-Shachak.

We learned about the history of the place from the days of Joshua, the Hasmoneans,

to the War of Independence, the retaliatory actions and the Six Day War.

And a little about the late Lt. Col. Amnon Lipkin-Shachak, who was a partner in the establishment of the Yeshiva.

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