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Assistance in the treatment of disaster victims in Meron
Some of the Yeshiva students who serve as senior paramedics
volunteered to take part in the medical staff that was on standby in Meron.
They did not imagine that they would find themselves at midnight
in a multi-casualty incident and forced to do CPR on adults and children.

And be partners in saving the lives of the wounded.

This is what one of them wrote on his Facebook page:
"I was in Meron, just opening a medical security squad in the MDA HQ,
when we heard about an unclear incident with wounded people.
We began to advance when suddenly it was clear that there were a large number of casualties.
This is definitely the hardest event I have had so far,
Quite a few children were injured there
after being crushed they all had different colors!
And only one thing comes to mind,
everyone's great willingness to be part and help,
Whether it's from the MDA, Hatzalah and ZAKA teams that were at the scene from the beginning,
and took medical care and then assisted honoring the deceased.
Whether it's from all corners of the country, people who heard and left everything behind to come and help,
people who offered their homes or food to the families of the victims.
The event was indeed a very difficult one,
but it is exciting to see how the people of Israel
know how to help each other when needed.
Thank G-d, after such a mental trauma I also found myself with people
who care about me and were there for me and never stopped listening or wrapping in warmth and love.
So thank you so much for being there and still being here for me.
And to all my friends who were present,
please talk about it, share your story, wrap yourself with people, do not leave it inside you.

I'm always here for you❤ ".

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