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A virtual community Beit Midrash on Tisha B'Av

Because of the current situation,

many were in their homes on the 9th of Av,

so we initiated a virtual Beit Midrash in the spirit of the day from the morning until the end of the fast.

The classes were intended for the general public in Modiin.

And were also open to the public throughout the country.

For men and women, young and old, religious and non-religious.

It had a unifying force.

Our Yeshiva and Midrasha Rabbis were partners in building the program

together with Rabbis from the different communities throughout the city.

The lessons were broadcast by zoom under the responsibility of the Yeshiva Students 

who were in charge of the technical side of the broadcast.

In total during the day about 250 people attended the classes alternately.

It was definitely a blessed and meaningful broadcast day.

ט באב תשפ בית מדרש קהילתי


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