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On Tuesday, 12th graders from the Lapid Yeshiva High School were hosted at the Yeshiva for a day of study and familiarity.

During the day, they studied in Chavrutot with the Yeshiva students,

and met with the Yeshiva Rabbis.

They also met Yeshiva students who are Modi'in residents.

The visit was designed to show the city students they have a great opportunity to attend our Yeshiva.


Many times students prefer to move away from the city where they live, thinking that it will be difficult for them to study at their place of residence.

During the day, they learned about the Yeshiva's special way of studying the Torah,

and the benefits the Yeshiva has that should not be given up;

the possibilities the Yeshiva opens for them,

combining Torah study and military service,

and accompanied during their army service by the Yeshiva staff.

As well as the possibility of continuing Teaching courses and Rabbinic studies.

At the end of the day, the students met Ehud Yaffe, a Yeshiva student from Modi'in.

And told them about his special military service thanks to the special route of the Yeshiva.



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