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A Halachic article that could lead to a revolution in the field of organ transplants in the pre-hospital outline

A True Story.

Gilad Admon, a student of Shiur Hei at the Meir Harel Hesder Yeshiva in Modi’in, decided to write a Torah article exploring in depth the issue of organ transplant. This article is intended for the Yeshiva’s Newsletter "Modi’in La’Torah". Gilad is a "senior medic" in MDA where he volunteers every week and has been volunteering regularly for many years.

He also serves as a regional contact for emergencies. With this background, it was natural he chose to investigate the topic of "organ transplants in Halacha." Initially, he sought to examine the position of halakhic rulers who in the 1970s prohibited donating organs. Then, as the medical world progressed in the field of organ transplants and as long as the person is dead according to Halacha, two decades later, the Halacha said it was permitted.

Many ruled because only organ donation would save the lives of those endangered patients.

In the course of his halachic research, the question came up: After all, it is a mitzvah! Everything needs to be done to close the gap! How can we have more potential transplants?!

When it comes to a potential donor who is in a terminal situation at the hospital, he will become a candidate to enter the procedure of an organ donation (after his approval / family). However, in the case of an accident in an out-of-hospital accident, the MDA medical team comes to the area even if he is near his death. A 'Declaration of death' causes the body to remain in place. Thus, his organs could not be transplanted to a potential patient.

Why, he asked, can’t we perform CPR and massages to preserve his organs and take him to the hospital as quickly as possible and therefore help more people in need? This will significantly increase the organ transplant opportunities.

He checked and found that this possibility has not yet been sufficiently examined by the Israeli Medical Authorities.

This may lead to a revolution in the field of transplants in Israel.

(To read the full article (in Hebrew) , visit the Meir Harel Yeshiva - Modi'in website.)

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