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Parashat Hashavua - Parashat Tazria 5784

Parashat Hashavua - Parashat Tazria 5784

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Meir Harel Yeshiva Modiin

The people demand media reform - Parshah and its realization - Parshat Tazria 5784

The people demand media reform.

Parshah and its realization - Parshat Tazria - and the war of the 'Iron Swords' 5784

Rabbi Eliezer Haim Shenvald

Dedicated to the IDF soldiers' success, to safeguard them lest any harm come to them, to the healing of all the wounded and the return of the abducted.

The reading of Parashat Tazria (most years it is connected to Parashat Metzora) summons us, every year, to do self-observation, and soul-searching, in a sensitive and powerful manner...

Shabbat Gibush in Neria


On Shabbat Parashat Shmini - HaChodesh

we held a Shabbat Gibush (bonding time) in the Yishuv Neria.

Shabbat that has already become a tradition.

The Yeshiva students, the families of the Rabbeim,

the Avrechim and next-year newcomer students.

As every year, we experienced a Shabbat full of strength,

rich in discussions and Torah vorts,

fun and yet spiritual and moving. Very bonding Shabbat!

Recruitment to the Armored Corps, Engineering Corps and Paramedics


This week took place the recruitment 

to the Armored Corps, Engineering Corps and Paramedics

together with hundreds of other Yeshivot.

As per the best tradition,

the Yeshiva accompanied the students and their parents to the Bakum (Reception and sorting base)

until they boarded the buses.

The Rosh Yeshiva blessed the recruits with a blessing of success

May G-d preserve their departure and their coming from now on and forever.

Volunteering in the South


Towards the end of a long Winter Zman,

the Yeshiva students went out on Sunday

to volunteer and help a farmer in the South

in the urgent harvesting of the crops to not let them rot.

On their way back to the Yeshiva,

the students stopped at the Reim forest

where the celebrants were massacred in the Nova party.

And then they visited Ofakim,

toured the city, and spoke to Rabbi Menachem Neuberger

who previously served as the Garin Torani Rabbi in Ofakim

and was Rabbi of the Yeshiva branch in Ofakim.